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Burmese Teak

Biography Teak is native to Burma, also known as Myanmar, while being found all over the country. The specie, ‘Tectona Grandis’, favours to a tropical semi-evergreen rainforest which covers one-third of Burma (Myanmar).
It grows naturally in high compressive strength; it is also resistant to rot, fungi, mildew and termite, making it very high in demand.

Other Species

Other species as famous as teak are: Teak (Tectona Grandis)
Padauk (Pterocarpus Macrocarpus)
Tamalan (Dalbergia Oliveri Gamble)
Thinwin (Millettia Pendula)
Yemane (Garborea)
Sagawa (Michelia Champaca)


Facts.. * We proudly present Burmese Teak, directly imported from Burma (Myanmar).
* Now, it is available for flooring and decking in Australia.
* We also provide teak outdoor and indoor furniture, and other wood products favourably in your customized designs.
* We offer the best quality of A-Grade teak in moisture content for Australian standard (10-12%).
* In Burma (Myanmar), we are a leading company in teak industry with the help of skilful craftsmen by utilizing the latest woodworking machinery.


We care about every little details of your taste. We offer: * Solid and engineered flooring
* 100% Teak
* Solid Type
* Customizable width and length
* 15-18mm Thickness
* Natural honey gold Color
* Silky Smooth quality
* 548,640 mm (1800 ft.) per ton

Ply Wood

Plywood is * The most popular man-made woodworking thing.
* Useful for making any forms such as building furniture, cabinetry, etc.
* Made from the finest Burmese Gurjan logs through a stringent quality control process, making it termite resistant.
* Peeled with machinery by using modern technology for an accurate thickness, smooth finish and gapless material.


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